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In Old day this word SHOWCASE was basically related to VM (Visual Merchandising). In short it means presenting  your shop in physical way. Let me give you an example.


These are the relevant example for TRADITIONAL SHOWCASE. Surely you all have visit a shop almost on daily visit. You all have experienced a lot more trouble to find item of your choice. Shopping mart ,Malls , Outlet  etc always try to showcase their product as per your convenience from categorizing or with Sales Guiders. But still you find issues.


  • Locating store and reaching 
  • Its takes a lot time to cover up the mall and locate for your desired product
  • If you found your product then you will be looking for different Size,Colour,Material etc..
  • You cant carry no. of items as it can be a lengthy process.
  • Your influencing mind can be messed with lot of options
  • Billing is the another issue, wait in the cue
  • _______________________________ You can think more.. 

Here we comes with the Upgraded SHOWCASE concept.

Now a days Companies are showcasing their product Offline as well as Online to be customer friendly.To make their customer EASY TO SHOP. Many of time Companies  in India is adapting this Online showcasing  trend to be connected with their customer.

Lets see Some examples:

These are just some of the examples of some brand that how they are trying to get to the customers. Actually currently Business trend is working on the same concept that instead dragging up the customer to the store Companies are taking up the store to the customer for their convenience.

WHY AGAIN? If you are not convinced with the above examples let me explain more.

  • In today life cycle Time is Money and every one want to saves their time and your ONLINE PRESENCE can do that
  • You can give your business a online showcase to make your user to shop online without any issue of filtering
  • You can categorize your showcase online on the larger scale,again helped the customer to be precise
  • As it is online so you don’t need to locate your business in multiple locations.
  • Now as you are online you are free from stocking the product and taking care of it.
  • Proper advertising and Marketing can give you more reach to the customer

In next Blog we will talk about How we can Showcase business online?

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