Tips & Tricks for On page SEO

Tips & Tricks for On page SEO have been discussed by many of the bloggers from a long time. This is one of the heating topic of all time in Digital Marketing. You will find different people with different ways to improve On page SEO.

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What is On-page SEO?

Search Engine Optimization on your Web-page is called On-Page SEO. 

This is the most effective tool which is used to make your website a better Ranking on SERP. The more you will be practicing the better your command goes on. On-Page SEO has vast area to work on.


We have break down this SEO in 5 Parts to be understood in a better way:

1- A link on your website which will keep your visitor engage in your own website.   E.g- On this page some specific words are differently highlighted,if you will click on those link a you will be dragged to a different page related to the topic on my website only. So from this Internal Link i am looping you in my own website

2- Don’t fill your website with Internal Links because it will look like a junk blog or profile. As per me every page should have maximum 6-7 Internal Link depend on the content length.

3-A relevant Internal Link is very important.A visitor will like to loop on your website till the time Internal links are related to the topic and his demand.

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1-Content is the only factor that can engage your Visitors. A strong,Perfect,Comprehensive content will attract visitors as well as Google.


2-Always add some visuals like images or videos related to topic,which will help you to engage the visitors. 


3-Content must be Visible so try to use H1-H2-H3-H4 at their perfect places.In simple make your blog or content eye catchy and attractive with the words. 


4-A genuine content is must to do.Your content should not be copied from any other website.It can be illegal and if Google will find the entire content is copied then your website ranking will be decreased.


1-The alt and title attributes of an image are commonly referred to as alt tag or alt text and title tag – even though they’re not technically tags. The alt text describes what’s on the image and the function of the image on the page. So if you are using an image as a button to buy product X, the alt text should say: “button to buy product X.”


2- Your images on Google can alsoget some traffic to your website if your images will having Alt & Tittle tags

1-Keywords are just like a Nick Name of your page or website. Just the difference is Keyword will be related to your business name.It will showcase your business category.


2-Always try to use keyword with keyword analysis.Keyword analysis tools can help you in findind the best and trending keyword according to you location,demography,searches etc.


3-Ignore adding too much keyword in your content.Use keyword in Meta tags,Meta description,Keyword phrases to get the best SEO result.

1-The <header> element represents a container for introductory content or a set of navigational links. A <header> element typically contains: one or more heading elements 


2-Header tags are as important as other tools in On-Page SEO beacuse it increases the visibility of the content. It can be used as a header for a whole page (the most common usage), but can also be used as the header for an article or any other piece of on-page content.

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