Social Media Marketing

                     What we are taking about?

We are in era where people are fastly moving towards Digital World. Or we can say that
  1. 95% of the population of India is now connected with 4G
  2. 90% is on Facebook
  3. 72% people are using Social Media for updates
                                                            Social Media Marketing:
Social:  People today are trying and most of them are in contact with atleast 1 social network
Media:This is also works as media from where we are getting lot more new things happening around and covering the news globally
Marketing: This section is not any more bounded with some selected channels.Now we are having the Social channels to reach our audience in much better ways than tradional marketing.

What we will do for you?

                                                                 We will be simple for you.
  1. Social Business Account: Create SBA in different social channels i.e Facebook,LinkedIn,twitter,Instagram etc. Before going on Social Platform we will analyse the best fit Social Channel as per your business category because different Social Channel is has different audience.
  2. Strong content: Strong content always recommended as the backbone for your Brand. We will provide you good coverage by different coverage content.
  3. Organic/Paid advertisement: In Organic post our team will work on different news feed,Thought of the day,Engaging contents,etc.These Organic post will be schedule for different reasons like Customer retainsion , Engagement, Product update News,Social Touch ETC. In Paid form our team will work on to get business for your Brand E.g Lead Generation post, Product launch,Event updates,Ticket Booking,Seminar attending. THrough paid up form our team will get the traffic to the website.
  4. Social Media Analysis: Before any paid advertisement our team will make an analysis of your services and how Social Media is reacting. Basically our team will look out back draws were should we focus more.
  5. A/B testing on Channels: A/B testing is also known as Split/Bucket Testing. In this method we will compare two Paid post and select the most which grab and get the maximum engagement and lead.
  6. Detailed Target Audience: This is the most important ground to be worked on. Categorization of Audience is very essential. Our team will do this for you. We will look out the best possible way to reach the audience by selecting right location,age group,interest factor,business factor etc. 
  7. Lead Generation: Lead generation factor is the most important part for growing a business.
  8. Drag Customer to website: Social Media is the biggest platform t make your Website global reach. Our Executives will work on Social Media to get the best and useful visitors on website which will help for Lead generation too
  9. Re-Targeting and Re-Marketing: We will integrate all the Social Channel for Re-Targeting the customer and along with this we will integrate your Website for Re-Marketing. 

Channels for Social MediaMarketing

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