Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic for your website. It can come through Organic ,Natural,Social Media search results on search engines.

Its may be easy to create a Website BUT a lot more depends on SEO which help your website to Rank No-1 on Google listing.

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Our team will work on your Brand in different aspects of SEO


Defining your Business category

Its very essential to be categories your business. A wrong categorization can lead to wrong anticipations of Keyword and many more thing(Further Discussing) which will lead the Brand to a wrong target audience point. Selection of right category can be the first step to be get a good ranking on GOOGLE.


Business Category
Business Category

Keyword Research

Always be in Search result. This search result specially on Google and different Search Engine a lot matters on the Keywords you use on your Website’s  Site title,Meta Description, Content,SEO Title, Snipet, ,Meta Tag and many more places.

How Keyword work? Whenever we search for any thing on Google E.g Best SEO agency in Patna, So google shows the website which are having the keyword SEO in their website pages but only the presence doesn’t matter. The Keyword should be on right place like description,Title etc. This can be done by SEO Experts. 


SEO Experts search for similar and most trending keywords with different filtration like City wise, User wise etc and place them on right area.In Initial stage SEO Expert uses Long tail Keywords. 

Keyword Research

On Page SEO

On page SEO is a process to optimize each page on your website. In On Page SEO we can add Meta Tag, Alt Text, Site Map Optimization, URL structure. While doing On Page SEO we always focus on Keyword Research {As discussed Earlier}.


We also include Meta tittle, Meta Keywords and Meta Description. In other words our SEO Experts will change the Architecture of the website and make it SEO friendly. Here we also work on Alt text and URL structure on Images,so that our images can also be a source to get the Visitors on our Website.


This Keyword planning takes a lot number of tools by SEO Expert for accurate result.

On Page SEO

Off Page SEO

In Off Page SEO our team will look out to get the website traffic from outsourcing I.E Backlinks. Combination of High Website traffic and good content will help in ranking

Our SEO Experts will submit your website links on different website so that Google can crawl your link from other website. Which shows your website presence.There are basically 2 ways of creating Backlink

One way Link: In this your website link will be submitted on another website

Two way : Over here we will exchange the links from another website.We basically do not use this way because this can downgrade our website link.


In off page SEO we usually check your competitors detail and target audience to set the Backlinks at the right place.

Off Page SEO
Off Page SEO
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