Product life cycle with Digital Marketing

Lets Talk about how PLC works

1- Introduction Level : Launch a product and shoes its features and USP. In Marketing effort we only focus to give a connective image of product to our customers.

2- Growth : This defines the growing stats of product which depends on the way we have Marketed the product earlier.

3- Maturity Level : A stage where a product is in the market with full reach and now working on Re-targeting and Re-Marketing of product from different Marketing resources.

3.5 - Product Extension : This level is in between the Maturity and Decline level. As this level most of the company either change the product or change their market position. In this stage company start updating the product as per change in Market.

4- Decline Stage : In this stage product start declining. It may be due to many of the reasons like product not properly Re-Targeted or Re-Marketed. it may be due to stiff competition in market.

Now here comes the work of Digital Marketing

DM is Marketing the product through Digital Channels such as Website,Social Media,Email Marketing etc.In short if you are advertising your product through any digital Channel that will be Digital Marketing.

Now a days across the globe companies are focusing on DM to give their company a sustain growth. DM is the Marketing methods which will help the company in their entire Product Life Cycle.

You will Ask Why?

Digital Marketing gives the most detailed way to target audience.This detailed target audience helps company to sustain in market without any hindrance. DM gives you the statistics to know more about your product back draws, Customer behaviour and many more. Now a days companies are using this stats for R&D and improve the product which will be in Product Extension level.


Growth Of Digital Marketing

Current trend is of DM. Number of user is increasing day by day. Specially if we talk about India. Current Goverment is having a Program Digital India and focusing to connect people digitally. So in India DM is the next level of success.

DM trend is updating day by day.

In old days around 80's & 90's Mid, the Technology was upgrading and marketing and advertising for reach was with Television,Radio,Message Campaign and Cold Call.
And now it has upgraded the Digital Marketing through channels like Social Media, Internet,Website, SEO, etc.

Now people are are using channels like facebook,Twitter,Youtube for learning because of Digital expansion.
This upgradation is because of people are upgrading themselves and connecting with more usable technology. People are shifting from Television to mobile and internet to upgrade their knowledge.

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