Landing Page

Landing Page

                      What is Landing Page?

In Digital Marketing, Landing pages works mainly as CTA (Call To Action. Companies use Landing page Mainly for 2 Purpose:
       1-Marketing/Advertising Campaign
       2-Lead Generation
Landing page is also called as a Standalone webpage. Landing pages are considered as the best option for Lead Generation and increasing the Conversation Rate.

Landing page is a page of your website but not available on your Web page as this Landing page will be hidden. This is a special page where we can showcase out company USP and currently running offers or we can we can create webinar/event etc to enroll our prospective clients.

Most of the Company Landing page mostly for Google Ad words for different.



           Why should we use Landing page?

The short answer is because they help increase your conversion rates and lower your cost of acquiring a Lead or sale.These Specific Landing pages are made for a Specific objective that can be either promoting specific Product ,Events,Webinars promotion etc. 
As already told you that this is basically used for generating leads so now a days companies are focusing on Landing pages powered by Google .
If we will compare a Homepage and Landing page. You will notice a lot more difference,on one hand Homepage give the entire informations about the company and other details,where Landing page will be dropped on specific topic.
Examples of landing pages:

Through these examples you can catch the Specification companies want to deliver. They are showcasing  a catchy content to make their Visitor to turn up as Lead.
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